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Chat About Beanies

Are you tired of these chats line on the web?  Don't all think its slow?  I sure do and it alwasy annoyed me cause i wanted to chat about Beanie Babies and all I got was infinate lag!!


Well I've created a channel on the undernet called #Beanie_Babies.  Its pretty much lag free and when you do get lagged you just change servers! 


How do you get there?

Well first go and download mIRC its 2 megs at the most. And its Free!


mIRC is so easy to use!  If you need any help at all I will always be happy to help you out.  My nick on IRC is `Legacy or DreamFire.  Please come on and make new friends with the same interest has you.


Let me know if you need any help or have any questions at