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Beanie Baby Check List


1998 Teddy
Erin the bear
Mel the Koala
Santa Claus
Ants the anteater
Fetch the golden lab
Mystic the unicorn
Scoop the pelican
Batty the bat
Fleece the lamb
Nanook the husky
Scorch the dragon
Beak the Kiwi
Fortune the panda
Nuts the squirrel
Smoochy the frog
Bongo the monkey
Freckles the leopard
Peace the bear
Snip the siamese cat
Britannia the bear
Gigi the poodle
Pinky the flamingo
Spike the rhinoceros
Canyon the mountain cat
Glory the bear
Pouch the kangaroo
Spunky the spaniel
Chip the calico cat
Gobbles the turkey
Pounce the cat
Stiger the scorpion
Chocolate the moose
Halo the bear
Prunce the cat
Stretch the ostrich
Claude the crab
Hissy the snake
Princess the bear
Strut the rooster
Congo the gorilla
Iggy the iguana
Pugsly the pug
Tracker the basset hound
Curly the bear
Jabber the parrot
Pumpkin the jack-o-lantern
Tuffy the terrier
Derby the horse w/star
Jake the mallard duck
Rainbow the chameleon
Valentino the bear
Doby the doberman
Kuku the cockatoo
Roam the buffalo
Whisper the deer
Dotty the dalmation
Loosy the goose
Roary the lion
Wise the owl
Early the robin
Maple the bear
Rocket the bluejay
Zero the penguin


1997 Teddy
Goldie the goldfish
Peanut the elephant(dk. blue)
Sting the stingray
Ally the alligator
Gracie the swan
Peanut the elephant(lt. blue)
Stripes the tiger(gold)
Baldy the eagle
Grunt the razorback
Peking the panda
Stripes the tiger(caramel)
Bernie the St. Bernard
Happy the hippo(gray)
Pinchers the lobster
Tabasco the bull
Bessie the cow
Happy the hippo(Lavender)
Puffer the puffin
Tank the armadillo(no shell, 7 lines)
Blackie the bear
Hippity the green bunny
Punchers the lobster
Tank the armadillo(no shell, 9 lines)
Blizzard the tiger
Hoot the owl
Quackers the wingless duck
Tank the armadillo w/ a shell
Bones the dog
Hoppity the pink bunny
Quackers the duck(wings)
Teddy new face brown
Bongo the monkey(dk. tail)
Humphrey the camel
Radar the bat
Teddy old face brown
Bronty the brontosaurus
Inch the worm(felt antennae)
Rainbow the chameleon (no tongue)
Teddy new face cranberry
Brownie the bear
Inch the worm(yarn antennae)
Rex the T-Rex
Teddy old face cranberry
Bruno the terrier
Inky the octopus(tan)
Righty the elephant
Teddy new face jade
Bubbles the fish
Inky the octopus(pink)
Ringo the raccoon
Teddy old face jade
Bucky the beaver
Jolly the walrus
Rover the red dog
Teddy new face magenta
Bumble the bee
Kiwi the toucan
Scottie the terrier
Teddy old face magenta
Caw the crow
Lefty the donkey
Seamore the seal
Teddy new face teal
Chilly the polar bear
Legs the frog
Seaweed the otter
Teddy old face teal
Chops the lamb
Libearty the USA teddy
Slither the snake
Teddy new face violet
Coral the fish
Lizzy the tie-dyed lizard
Sly the fox(brown belly)
Teddy old face violet
Crunch the shark
Lizzy the black & blue lizard
Sly the fox(white belly)
Trap the moose
Cubbie the bear
Lucky the ladybug(7 spots)
Smoochy the frog(string mouth)
Tusk the walrus
Daisy the cow
Lucky the ladybug(21 spots)
Snort the bull
Twigs the giraffe
Derby the horse(no star)
Lucky the ladybug(11 spots)
Snowball the snowman
Velvet the panther
Digger the crab(orange)
Magic the dragon(lt. pink stitch)
Sparky the dalmatian
Waddle the penguin
Digger the crab(red)
Magic the dragon(hot pink stitch)
Speedy the turtle
Waves the whale
Doodle the rooster
Manny the manatee
Spinner the spider
Web the spider
Ears the rabbit
Mystic the unicorn(tan horn)
Splash the orca whale
Weenie the dachshund
Echo the dolphin
Nana the monkey
Spook the ghost
Wrinkles the dog
Flash the dolphin
Nip the cat(white belly)
Spooky the ghost
Ziggy the zebra
Flip the white cat
Nip the cat(all gold)
Spot the dog(no spot)
Zip the cat(white face)
Floppity the purple bunny
Nip the cat(white pawes)
Spot the dog w/ a spot
Zip the cat(all black)
Flutter the butterfly
Patti the maroon platypus
Squealer the pig
Zip the cat(white)
Garcia the tie-dyed teddy
Patti the purple platypus
Steg the stegosaurus