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Clubby The Official Ty Bear


Am sure you are all excited to get or see Clubby!  Well here is your chance plus here is important information about him you should know!


Clubby is in limited amounts so if you are left out don't worry cause you wont be the only ones!  On the Ty form it says Clubby can take up to 8 weeks to show up to your house but you can expect to wait longer!

COUNTERFEIT ALERT: with the introduction of Clubby, the Royal Blue Bear, there has been an increase in the number of counterfeit Royal Blue Peanut on the market. If you are travelling to Europe especially, be careful what you buy. Many have been reported in small shops and in marketplaces. These elephants have glaring problems; such as their swing tag is very glossy to the touch and is red/orange instead of a blue/red. Their tush tag is RED and WHITE..RB Peanut came only with a 1995 Black and White Tush Tag. Buyer Beware...Pick up a copy of our September issue for a free Counterfeit guide with valuable information on how to spot a fake. It would be a good idea to also read the "Tag Training 101" article to help insure that your collection will not be compromised by fake beanies. Education is the key to obtaining a good collection of Ty Beanie Babies.


If you want to share your experience with Clubby let me know I'd love to post it up here!!