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Beanie Baby Tags


Beanie Baby tags may seem complicated, so let's simplify it and I had so many questions about it. The most important tag on a Beanie is the cardboard heart-shaped "Ty" tag. Known has a hang tag.

Btw am sorry if the pictures are not that great but all the pictures I could find were all kinda small for you to see small details on them I dont have pictures big enough either for the inside of the tag so that will also come soon,  anyway This should give you all a ruff guess about the tags.


1stf.jpg (57158 bytes)

The first generation hang tag is very simple.  Introduced in early 1994, it is a single heart tag (it does not open) with a small "Ty" on the front.  The type on the reverse side includes "The Beanie Babies Collection," the name of the beanie baby and its style number.  Also note that some were produced in China others in Korea.  For those distributed in Europe, "CE" was added to the bottom of the tag.   First generation swing tags came on only those Beanies with a first generation tush tag dated 1993.  This tag appeared on the original 9 (Chocolate, Spot, Splash, Squealer, Cubbie, Flash, Legs, Pinchers, Patti) and other early Beanie Babies.  Most were detached and discarded, so these tags are collector's items.


2ndf.jpg (37073 bytes)

the second generation hang tag (introduced in spring 1994) has the same small "Ty" on the front of the heart, but instead of being a single two-sided heart, it opens like a locket and has four sides.  Three different tags are available in this generation.  The inside left of the tag designates where it was meant to be distributed (North America, United Kingdow, or Germany).  The inside right of the tag gives the Beanie's name followed by the "TM" symbol and its style number.  The back of the heart has a large bar code and the sentence "Retain This tag for reference."  Second generation hang tags came on Beanies with a first generation tush tag dated 1993 or 1995


3rdf.jpg (38608 bytes)

The third generation hang tag (introduced in spring 1995) has the "Ty" on the front printed in a balloon-style font enlarged to almost the full size of the heart.  On the inside left, the type reads:" The Beanie Babies"TM" Collection" followed by a list containing "Ty Inc Oakland IL, U.S.A." "Ty UK Ltd. Waterlooville, Hants," "Ty Deutschland 90008 Nurnberg," and the phrase "Handmade in Korea" Or "Handmade in China."  On the inside right of the tag, you have the Beanie's name followed by a "TM" and its style number.  Below that is, "To _______ from ______ with Love."  On the back side of the heart is a bar code with a CE printed on the left of the bar.  Above the bar is a warning to remove the tag before a child plays with the toy, and below the bar is a line suggesting you keep the tag for reference, followed by "Surface Wash."  Third generation hang tag came on Beanies with first generation tush tags dated 1995 and second generation tush tags dated 1993 and 1995


4thf.jpg (44451 bytes)

The fourth generation hang tag (introduced in Spring 1996) features many important changes.  The "Ty" on the front of the heart is moved so the "y" is a bit lower than the "t", and a yellow star is added to the front, upper right, with the words "Original Beanie Baby."  The inside right of the tag has the Beanie's name and style number with a birthdate underneath it, followed by a poem.  It also includes an invitation to visit Ty Inc's Web page at .  The heart's back side has a new type that says, "For ages 3 and up," followed by "surface Wash."   Fourth generation hang tags came on Beanies with a third generation tush tag in red and white with the star added to the upper left of the Ty heart.


5thf.jpg (39559 bytes)

The fifth generation hang tag (introduced in early 1998) sports a new typeface.  The yellow heart on the front features a different font, as does the type on the inside of the heart.  On the inside left of the tag, "The Beanie Babies Collection" was simply marked as .  The "TM" was deleted.  Anotehr change involves the Ty locations.  Instead of it mentioning Ty Inc. Oakland, UK and Deutschland, the type refers to Ty Inc. Oakland, Ty Europe LTD. and Ty Canada.  On the inside right of the tag, the name of the Beanie Baby is listed with a "TM" but no style number.   "Date of birth" is now spelled out instead of cited numerically, and "Visit our Web page" is delete, with only shown.  The back of the tag is unchanged except for the font change.  Fifth generation hang tags come on Beanies with fifth and sixth generation tush tags.


In general, Beanie Babies without hang tags are worth only 50% to 75%, of their value.  Creased tags also depreciate the value of a  toy.  In the case of important rarities demand for mint condition examples sometimes minimizes the discount.  Plastic tag protectors are the best way to prevent tag damage.

In response to the hundreds of questions people ask about tag errors, here's a good general answer.  Only a tiny percentage of all Beanie Baby collectors care about tag errors.  Mistagged Beanies are not especially valuable.  A tush mis-tag is better than a hang mis-tag, but has a rule tag errors add only $10 to $25 to the value of a toy.  On the other hand, rare and highly collectible tags (Like Brownie) are extremely valuable.


Important: Beanies with "early" tags are worth $25 to $100 more.

Tush Tags

Tush tag is the term we use to describe the sewn-in cloth tags on the bottom of TY's Beanie Babies.  Much like the hang tag, the tush tag is an indicator of when a Beanie Baby was produced. 

Tush tag pictures are not posted here, it would take to long for them to load, just click on the tag generation you want and it will show you a picture!


The original TY Beanies came with a black & white tush tag.  Some of these black & white tush tags will have the copyright date of 1993, while others will show 1995.  All Beanies with a first or second generation hang tag will have a black & white tush tag.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  some tush tags may have a CE on hem, and some will have "for ages 3 and up" on them, while others did not.

This tush tag has a larger heart with TY inside and a little mark to the lower right of it.  There are no Beanie names on the first & second generation tush tags.  A copyright date of 1993, 1995 or 1996 can be found on the second generation tush tags.

The third generation tush tag is so different to the first and second generation.  "The Beanie Babies Collection" is added at the top of the tag with a "TM" at the end of that.   The TY heart is much smaller also.  The name of the Beanie will also appear.   Copyright dates are from 1993 to 1996.

When TY decided to change the tush tags again they have a lot of third generation tags left over so the fourth generation tag has a transparent sticker over the "TY" heart, which has a small star to the upper left.  Once they finished covering the tush tags with the stickers the only change was the little star.

The fifth generation has many new changes to it.  "The Beanie Babies Collection" at the top of the tag has an "r" after Beanie Babies and "TM" after Collection.  The star to the upper left of TY heart and the  to the lower right remain, but an additional "TM" after the name of the Beanie.  These tags have a copyright from 1993 to 1997.

This tush tag has the words "The Beanie Babies Collection" with after the word Collection as opposed to the "r" after Beanie Babies and "TM" after Collection.   Everything else remains the same.

Beanie Babies in Canada have two tush tags.  The first tag is the generation tag, the second tag is to conform to the Canadian toy import regulations.  All information on this tag is in English & French.

These tush tags are VERY rare on the market.  It is found on very few beanies of a limited styles.  All Beanies with this tag have a second generation hang tag and the standard Canadian tush tag.  This tag also has the copyright of 1994 on it.  These embroidered tags are thought to have been attached in error has they are used for larger Plush animals.   So far these tags have been found on: Chocolate, Quacker (No "s"), Spot, Goldie, Cubbie & Pinchers.

Some tush tags have minor changes that some people try to charge more for but THEY ARE WORTHLESS CHANGES.  Like the placement & fonts of the CE.  Some Beanies have PVC pellets, others have PE pellets.  And the newer Beanie Babies have a Chinese stamp on the inside of the tush tag.


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