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Legacy's Web Services

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Welcome to my web services page.    I have decided, to offer my knowledge of web design to other people.   Included with every page is two free updates per year.  After that depending on the size of your web page prices start at $10 per update.  I will update a WebPage designed by someone else or even fix your WebPage.


  1. You will need to find your own host for your web page I do not provide this service but I will be glad to make suggestions. 

  2. Depending on the size of your WebPage price will vary but for a small web page (basically a personal page) price start at $50.   If the page will be designed for a business the prices will again vary.

  3. Your web page will come with a free counter from Web Master, or you can get another counter (The cost of the web page does not include a counter that is not free)  Also you will be provided with a banner if you want it, again this banner is free, so if you have your own banner in mind the cost of the   web page does not include that.

  4. Your web page will come with 2 free updates per year.  The cost of additional updates are $10 per update. 

  5. I will update a site that is designed by someone else or that just needs correction.

  6. If you have any other questions about prices or services offered email me or page me via ICQ.

  7. Payment is done by bank certified check or money order only.


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page me via ICQ at 13262837

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