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Well people we have survived another year. A very exciting year at that in the Beanie Baby World. We saw plenty of retirements we never expected and new additions.  Many people love my site cause it is so user friendly,  So during 1999 you will many changes here. First there will be more things you the reader wants, with More pictures, more info about your beanies. You may have seen we now have guides for Pillow Pals, Bamm Beano's and a few others. My site is mostly dedicated to Beanie Babies, but we also want to please the rest of our readers. Has always if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or want to add something here let me know by email or ICQ! And may the year 1999 be filled with luck and happiest to you all!

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newsflash.gif (8213 bytes) The New 1999 Beanies now have a morphing hologram and disappearing ink on each tush tag! The New Beanies for January are announced check them out in the new beanie section!

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